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C JET Airlines is the CARGO charter / ACMI carrier across the globe use B747 / B777 / A330 / B737 freighter fleet. Carrier of choice for direct shippers, global freight forwarders, multi-national manufacturers, entertainment groups, and any other organizations looking for safe, efficient, and cost-effective cargo transportation solutions.

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The aircraft’s control system enables the transport of live environmental animals and perishable goods, with a constant supply of fresh air delivered to the cargo areas. We can also carry a wide range of dangerous goods which cannot be accepted or carried by commercial airlines.

“C” Jet Cargo Airlines ACMI, charter or wet lease contract puts at your disposal not only a fully dedicated aircraft that is crewed, maintained, and insured, but also the global systems, scale, and efficiencies needed to meet your cargo needs—on your schedule, to your destinations, on time.

With a “C” Jet Cargo Airlines ACMI lease, you enjoy all the benefits of dedicated cargo aircraft without the potential capital risks or long term commitments related to inventory, maintenance or personnel. This frees you to focus on your core competencies—and grow your business.

our vision

Our standards and vision

We provide rigorous safety standards, mature experience and superior quality form the backbone of our global operations. C Jet Airlines is headquartered in Malta, but its expertise extends far beyond it.

We always remember that in aviation industry there is a constant balance of costs and safety. At the center of this balance lie reliability and maintenance. All mentioned above helps us to be as much as possible and even more than possible customer-oriented company.

We are essential to our customers by providing ultimate service and to help them achieve their aspirations.